Capital Advisory

TMV Business Group offers a unique Value Proposition for both our capital partners and capital seekers.

The capital raising process is complex and preparation is critical.  A successful capital raise requires many components to be assembled to the highest standards of professionalism and transparency.


Key components include:

  • a comprehensive business model
  • a complete pro forma financials
  • clear messaging of the business and investment propositions
  • a capital raising strategy that is tailored to the company’s profile and needs
  • preparedness for a comprehensive investor due diligence process.

Most companies lack the capacity to address these needs effectively and efficiently.  By working with TMV Business Group, owners will be prepared to present their business with the confidence that their financials, messaging, and proposition can stand-up to investor scrutiny.




TMV Business Group advises companies seeking to raise capital.  Client companies range from start-up ventures to lower middle market enterprises. Our advisory services are tailored to individual client needs, but broadly encompass the following areas:


  • Financial modeling and pro forma financials preparation
  • Marketing document preparation including executive summaries and pitch decks
  • Proper capital structure definition
  • Fair market valuation calculation
  • Term sheet preparation
  • Establishing a capital raising strategy including target investor profiles
  • Capital raising advisor identification
  • Investor due diligence preparation and support
  • Investor negotiation support
  • Investment documentation oversight (with counsel)
  • Investor relations preparation


The Capital Advisory Process

1. Planning


  • TMV Business Group (TMVBG) Initial Meeting
    • Questions of the owner are answered regarding the owner’s growth strategy and capital needs.
  • Review Financials
    • The TMVBG team will work with the owner to review the three previous years of financial operations and current year to date to develop a growth capital strategy.
  • Engagement Agreement
    • Once a direction for securing growth capital is agreed on if the owner isn’t already an advisory client an advisory engagement agreement is provided to the owner for their review and signature.

2. Search


  • Once a business is engaged as a client, we assist the owner in organizing and preparing their financials, pitch deck, and documentation for presenting their business to lenders and investors.
  • When the business is prepared for approaching possible capital sources TMVBG will make introductions to our vetted network of traditional and non-traditional capital sources as well as our network of entrepreneurs, private investors, private investment groups, and other mediums.

** TMV Business Group, LLC is not licensed to practice law, draft legal documents and/or provide legal advice, nor do we provide tax or accounting advice. We recommend that you consult with your attorney, CPA or accountant. Nothing contained herein is intended to be an offer to either buy or sell securities or a guarantee for securing capital.


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