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TMV Business Group represents the following businesses for sale. If you don’t see what your interested in give us a call at 512.256.4141 to ask about our private listings or other businesses we represent which may fit your needs, talents, skills and lifestyle.

NameYear Est.Asking PriceGross RevenueCash FlowLocation
Defense Contractor – Highly Innovative Designer and Manufacturer of Superior Weapons Systems  (Project Eagle)Over 25 Yrs. OldContact Us$19,800,000 (Forecast)$3,500,000 (Forecast)U.S.A.
Business is an electro-mechanical engineering design and manufacturing company, specializing in the development of high-grade weapons systems to serve both government and commercial clientele.
Full Service Pre-Employment Screening Service Provider (Project Screening)Over 14 Years OldContact Us$2,800,000$720,000Southwest U.S.A.
Business provides a range of services including background checks, application tracking software, skill and aptitude testing, drug testing, and employment tax credits.
Flat Creek Estate – Award Winning Winery and Vineyards in Hill Country2001$6,950,000$2,000,000Upon RequestMarble Falls, TX
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Full-Service Restaurant in Premier University of Texas Location2014$299,000$850,000$65,000Austin, TX
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Elegant State of the Art Spa in Prime Austin Location2014$75,000$338,500$74,500Austin, TX
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