Premier Partners

Whether you’re buying a business or selling a business, your making a major decision that may well be the largest financial decision of your life. It’s likely that you have questions such as:


  • Is now the right time to sell/buy a business?
  • What’s this transaction going to do to my taxes?
  • What legal concerns are there?
  • By selling my business I’m going to get a big check. Now what?


TMV Business Group is committed to preparing our clients for their Buy/Sell journey by helping them get answers to their deepest questions and concerns early in the process. To do this we have established a Premier Partner alliance with experts in the legal, marketing, investor relations, and wealth management fields.


Our Premier Partners are available to work side-by-side with us, as needed, to provide each of our clients the highest level of support and attention available in the industry.


To learn more give us a call at 512.879.4066 or email us at



Vetted Affiliates

Our clients have their hands full running a business. At TMV Business Group we want to easy our client’s stress a bit by assisting them get the help they need when they need it.


We do this by making available our private list of professionals which we have personally vetted. To be considered a TMVBG Vetted Affiliate these professionals not only have proven to be experts in their respected field but also are required to meet two TMVBG qualifications.


They must agree to provide:

  • Legendary Customer Service
  • High Value at a Fair Pricing


We are of the belief that the client shouldn’t rely on who we might recommend but they should select who they are most comfortable working with. That is why the list contains multiple professionals in each category for the client to meet and connect with.


This is a private list only available with password access to our clients.


To learn more give us a call at 512.879.4066 or email us at


** TMV Business Group DOES NOT require, request, or accept referral fees from professionals we recommend to our clients.


Business Owners

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