Senior Advisor

Life Sciences & Technology

Meet Scott

Dr. Scott Collins is an accomplished innovator, repeat entrepreneur and leader with 25 years of expertise spanning engineering, life sciences, biodevices, IT, startups and strategy. This includes 15 years of proven leadership experience spanning all aspects of forming, growing and selling a technology company and 16 years of experience specifically in life sciences. He lead technology development for TeVido BioDevices, sits on the founding board of BioAustin and the Scientific Advisory Board for the New Organ Prize, an X Prize-like award for advancements in vascular engineering. Scott earned a PhD in Biomedical Engineering with a portfolio in Nanotechnology from the University of Texas at Austin where his research focused on growing blood vessels out of the body and utilizing adult stem cells to enhance the process. He has developed 3D bioprinting and biofabricaion techniques in order to form thick vascularized tissues using a person’s own cells. He has a wealth of experience in business formation, strategic planning, negotiations, programming, robotics, cardiac signal analysis, bioprinting and biofabrication.

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